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first 100 days coaching package

Is this you?

You're newly promoted, with new responsibility; hugely competent and well thought of. You've built a great reputation because you're results driven and already a self-aware leader. You've been successful to this point, and you're excited about this new direction. Ideas are flowing, and you have buckets of enthusiasm. There are things you want to do differently from your predecessor, and things you want to sustain because they're working well. You're very conscious that there are many priorities – and also weighty expectations from others. All eyes are on you – you're stepping out onto a new trail and the route is straight up. It's the phase of your career that you've been waiting for. 

But as well as the excitement, you sense the vastness of the terrain ahead.

The first 100 days will be the measure of your success

So you're here, thinking about getting some support, because you want to properly understand the challenges, the people, and the breadth of the role you're undertaking. There's a huge need to prioritise and achieve some early wins, and the first 100 days in post will undoubtedly be the measure of your success. This is when you'll make strong alliances, build relationships, set boundaries. You'll be establishing the ways in which you work best; setting your direction.

You know that if these first 100 days go by and you haven't made an impact, established your expectations, and found your allies, you'll have missed a trick. You won't get this time back again, so you know this is a critical period.

You're right. The smart move is to get support right from the start.  

Support + challenge 

Our First 100 Days programme gives you the intensive championing and challenge that you need over the next few months. You'll be working in active collaboration with a coach, to up your game and carve your new path, leveraging and building on the talent that's got you this far. 

It's true that you could figure everything out for yourself, given time. But in choosing to work with an experienced coach, you'll learn everything that much faster. This is a proactive move, if you're serious about maximising your impact, and aware of the importance of doing so at this critical time. 

Because like you, we know that in the words of Marshall Goldsmith, "The habits you've gained so far in your career - often precisely those habits which have brought you success - are now delaying your progress. You're succeeding despite them, not because of them."

What's got you here isn't going to take you forward. Taking a wrong turn or getting stuck at this point isn't an option for you. It's time for expert challenge from a talented, objective coach – and a new phase of development. 

The great news is

The great news is, you're ahead of the curve in recognising that this is a crucial time – and in seeking support at the beginning of your new appointment, rather than striding off without anyone to bounce ideas around with or help you reflect.

Having a strategic thinking ally, who can provide tools, suggestions, strategies, and expert feedback, is invaluable at this stage.  An experienced coach who can challenge you to stand taller and aim higher than you think you can; to show up authentically and to honour your ambition.

On days when you feel that the path's too steep or your way is unclear, you'll have an experienced, objective coach to call on for a shot in the arm of confidence and grit – as needed.

Having worked with newly appointed executives for over 20 years, we've designed a package of coaching specifically to support you for the first 100 days at senior executive level.

Imagine this…

Imagine having brilliant clarity around your priorities – the direction you're taking and the actions that are going to make your first 100 days count.

Imagine knowing that you can tap into the experience, tools, and tried-and-tested approaches that thousands of managers have found success with.

Imagine having someone to feed back to you and reflect on your approach, so you can understand how you're coming across. 

Imagine being able to anticipate the challenges ahead, prepare for them and decide on a direction proactively in advance.

Imagine getting the measure of the strengths and challenges in your team; being able to lead with confidence and composure. Having the courage to make decisions based on your own gut instincts and sound judgement, rather than being swayed by colleagues and peers.

Imagine being unafraid to challenge others when it's needed. Imagine fostering genuine buy-in from your team, your peers and important stakeholders, who follow you because you're inspiring, not because they have to.

"The best thing to come out of coaching was that I learned what I wanted to do. I'd thought about an expanding role and creating a new interest in the business. I tried a different approach – I set up a working party with a cross-functional team. It took the message through the business; it was something everyone had empathy with and interest in. I was really pleased – and the business was really pleased. Mine is a fairly isolated role; there is a lot of responsibility, stress, there are issues. One of the best things was that my coach was not associated with the business but could understand the business. I would certainly recommend coaching.”

Chris Fryd, retired Director, Cereal Partners UK / Nestlé

welcome to the forward-thinking leader's first 100 days coaching package


Who you'll work with

We'll pair you with one of our team of talented executive coaches – like Jackie Smith, who has honed the First 100 Days approach over many years of working with senior leaders, new in post, and with new responsibilities. 

All of our coaching team have bags of experience helping leaders like you through the critical months of a new assignment. They've worked with clients from Miler Brands (think Peroni) to Southeastern Trains and Natural England, and each bring their own unique brand of challenge, support, and know-how. We'll make sure we find the perfect match for you.


This coaching package is for you if…

  • You are about to embark on a new role, project, or responsibility
  • You're willing to accept that 'what got you here won't get you there' - to ditch some habits that may have brought you success in the past in order to drive yourself onwards and upwards
  • You're open to feedback (craving it, even) and you want to create some early wins
  • You're not just after a quick fix - you're ready to start building a lasting foundation
  • You're willing to 'do the work' involved in being coached, sensitively, for 100 days...
  • ... because you understand why this is worth it
  • You're ready to learn, and you understand that you'll be called on to try something new; and to be a bit vulnerable

How we'll work together, what to expect

Initial scoping call: We'll talk about specific goals and development needs tied in to your new role and the expectations of you. We'll discuss how previous roles have prepared you for this current challenge; the priorities as you see them today; and what you want (and need) to achieve in your first 100 days in post.

3-way goal setting: An important conversation with you and your boss, to align your individual goals with the organization's expectations; get clear about performance requirements; and agree the focus of the coaching, to make sure you squeeze all the juice out of the time budgeted. We'll ensure that everybody's crystal clear about ground rules regarding confidentiality.

SESSION ONE: Discovery and emerging needs. We'll discuss your priorities, key challenges, and create an action plan to help you make your first 100 days count. We'll undertake some stakeholder mapping, to work out who you need to influence and impress, and how. We'll also discuss the role of the Strengthscope 360° assessment. At the end of session one, you'll be ready to take some initial steps around putting your plan into action, and strengthening your relationships with the most important people around you - including your direct reports and your boss. 

SESSION TWO: A couple of days prior to the session, you'll receive your Strengthscope 360° feedback report. This will give you information about your seven key strengths and how often you demonstrate them. We'll identify your top three core strengths – the things that really energise you – and how you can get more of those in your work life. As part of your homework from this session we'll challenge you to start playing to your strengths, consciously.

SESSIONS THREE, FOUR AND FIVE: We'll review progress and revisit your priorities. We'll take a really close look at how you make decisions, the things that trip you up, and what the blocks and barriers are to you being influential and generating buy-in. Together we'll explore real business challenges that you're stuck on, concerned or excited about. The structure of these three sessions will be the same, but the content will be led by you, as your role takes shape.

SESSION SIX: Making sure you're getting the maximum support from this last session, we'll address any significant challenges that remain, and make sure you're well equipped to continue tackling them after the coaching ends. We'll also review how far you've come over the past 100 days, and map out your forward action plan, in terms of key priorities for you to focus on as your role progresses.

What else is included?

  • A complimentary copy of the Hello Potential Coaching Notebook, to use when you're preparing for your sessions, taking notes during the coaching, and to jot your thoughts over the 100 days that we'll work together. 
  • Secure passworded access to our client portal, and your personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you'll find there to help you prepare
  • The Strengthscope 360° assessment - online access to the questionnaire, plus PDF report
  • Unlimited email support between sessions. 
  • BONUS: a beautifully bound hard copy of our book Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges

The budget

Your investment for 100 days of Hello Potential support, challenge, and objective feedback is £4,200 + VAT. That's just £42 per day, for that critical 100-day period.

In all, you'll get 11 hours of superb coaching contact, and unlimited email support between sessions; plus, you'll receive your personal Strengthscope 360° report and analysis, and you'll also have secure passworded access to our client portal, and personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you'll find there. 

And don't forget you'll also receive your bonus copy of Stand Tall, plus a Hello Potential Coaching Notebook, to keep all your thinking in one place.

ready to get into action? 

If you recognise that this is exactly where you're at, and you're ready to get rolling before that critical first 100 days gets away from you, then we'd love to coach you. 

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