Meet Alan

Hello. I'm Alan Mitchell, Senior Coach & Consultant with Hello Potential. Good to meet you. 

'Enabler' is me to a tee, as my strengths and experience lie in supporting and facilitating large-scale change projects. I enable success. I help change stick. 

I seek out projects that allow me to work with Operational Directors who need clarity, and a workable plan around making big changes in their business. They're often daunted by the size of the change challenge, and slightly 'foggy' about where to start. But they want action, and they want the change to work - and last. 

I help forward-thinking leaders clarify their objectives, create the desire to change, and generate an actionable plan. For me, it's all about enabling meaningful, sustainable, 'sticky' change. 


  • OPP Accredited MBTI Step I & II Practitioner
  • Qualified EFQM assessor
  • Belbin Team Type coach
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People Trainer
  • Qualified Advocate
  • BSc Hons, University of Reading

"Flexible, professional and understanding of our emerging priorities... Never failed to meet a deadline, met our expectations regarding green practices and made huge efforts to understand our culture, history and aspirations...
"Always able to supply the variety of people we needed... from Organisational Development consultants and executive coaches, to event facilitators and professional actors. All of these people... maintained the professional standards we have come to take for granted."

David Aberdeen, Regional HR Manager, Environment Agency
David is now Executive General Manager, People and Culture, at Royal District Nursing Service

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