How To Turn The Fear Around

The audience are in their seats, faces turned expectantly towards the front. 

There are rustles, maybe some small talk. 

Pens and notebooks are out. Moleskines and fountain pens for the stationery fetishists. Phones in hands, the tech contingent are ready to tweet your pearls of wisdom. They're all ready to have their minds expanded, ready to learn. 

Your presentation cued up and ready to go, the host announces your name. You clear your throat and walk up to the front of the room. 

Does this picture fill you with anticipation, the delicious tingle of knowing you’re about to hold a room of people in the palm of your hand? 

Or does your stomach churn and palms turn sweaty just at the thought?

Richard Fallon is our communications specialist. A trained actor, his passion is to to enable those he works with to perform with confidence, dynamism, and power – so you can get your message across and know you are heard.

In this 2 minute video he shares a powerful tip on learning to transform the fear and perform to the best of your ability. 

Richard’s communication style is so distinctive, partly because he knows how to speak authentically as himself; it's one of the reasons why he owns the badge "attention grabber". Part of the skill of being a great presenter is being able to share that real, authentic, who-you-are with someone else.

How did the video resonate with you? Do you think you might try turning that spotlight onto your audience and plugging into them?  

Learning and developing isn’t always straightforward. There are fears to overcome, old mindsets to be shifted, and nagging, familiar soundtracks to put to one side. 

Are you ready to make that change? 

Over To You

Is public speaking one of your fears? Or have you discovered your own failsafe way to assuage pre-talk nerves (and does it really involve imagining your audience on the toilet?) Come and tell us over on Twitter.