Challenging Coaching


Today I'm letting you in on a Skype call I had with one of Hello Potential's senior coaches - Ian Day. Because my talented colleague, Ian, has co-authored what's been reviewed as a game-changing book about coaching, so you'll want this on your radar: Challenging Coaching: going beyond traditional coaching to face
the FACTS. 

Listen-in on our conversation if:

  • you're thinking about hiring a coach
  • you already have a coach, and want them to up the ante by offering more challenge, more feedback, more courageous goals, more accountability
  • you use coaching as part of your leadership style
  • you want the coaching that happens in your business to have more connection with the needs of the business
  • you want to galvanise your people into courageous action

Because what you hear will challenge the way you think about coaching, and how it can make bottom-line affecting shifts in you and your people. 

"Traditionally, coaching has been very, very supportive… But it hasn't used the dimension of challenge sufficiently. […] With too much challenge there's stress and burnout; but with too little challenge it's like 'rust out'!"


Hit the play button, below, to listen-in on a 6-minute slice of inspiration and challenge:

Want the full version? Download the whole 18-minute Skype call here

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