Making space for creativity

A few years ago, a news story caught my eye. A Brazilian-based designer had taken the Angry Birds characters and matched their colours up to Pantone colour charts.

Now my left-brain reaction on seeing this was immediately "Wow, people have waaaay too much time on their hands...”

And yet my right brain reaction was "Wow, that's cool - I wish I had more creative idling in my life!".  He's clearly had some fun with this.

 Photo  ©‎  Gisela Giardino (Flickr CC)

Photo ©‎ Gisela Giardino (Flickr CC)

If we're at all alike - you and me - creative idling is a tough one; taking time out from the (prioritised) to-do list is something that needs a huge measure of permission. After all, what's the point? If I spend an hour reading, or surfing, or scribbling, what then? What will it actually achieve? Creative idling won't get things done, help me move forward, or make me more productive.

Or will it?

In reality, I KNOW (100%) that taking time out from the logical things that will help me succeed, and spending time on the things that might just inspire me, will allow me to achieve bigger and better results in my life and work – and to have fun doing so.

Fun – not something we always allow ourselves in the serious world of work.

One thing I'm sure about: it's difficult to get inspired, or perhaps even tap into exactly what inspires us, if we don't spend any time looking there. It's the same as taking time out for a day-long intensive to explore what's going on and get clarity around what's next - clients arrive feeling they can't afford to take the time, and leave wondering how they could have afforded not to.

For me, I've rediscovered today that my inspiration comes from colour, design, pure silliness, and from people who not only have but display their passion for what they do.

What inspires you? Time to go look, and get creatively idle!

How could you be more creative?

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Are you making space for creativity?

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