Catalyst: Shoot for the moon

Are you inquisitive, endlessly curious about the world around you?

We can relate. We're always learning, always challenging ourselves to think about things differently and think of new solutions. Like you, we crave better ways of working, and we strive to ask questions of ourselves that deepen our insight daily.

Today Ian Day is sharing this introduction to 'Moonshot thinking' - a concept we explored in our Little Book of Big Challenges. It's a mindset shift that asks what would be possible if we dared to dream of the impossible and set truly courageous goals.

"Instead of a mere 10% gain, a moonshot aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. The combination of innovation, a radical solution that challenges the status quo, and the passion to make the solution possible is the essence of a moonshot."

Watch the video here:

When your attention's on making sure everything's running like clockwork in your business, it's vital to lift your head up from the day-to-day tasks and targets once in a while and take a wider perspective.

This is so often true for the entrepreneurs we work with.  If you're the one who's making everything happen, make sure to create some regular space in your schedule to stretch your vision and think even bigger.

Got you thinking?

Great! It's really normal to find that you've got overly focused on short term wins, and to limit yourself to what feel like "safe", realistic goals. An experienced coach will challenge you to think beyond playing small, and give you the structure and support to make sure that your thinking's lasered-in on what's important for your business . Click here to book your 60-minute Clarity Session

Dig deeper

What might be possible, with a lot of courage and a lot of persistence? What do you have the courage to keep trying every day? Tell us over on Twitter.

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