Catalyst: Look up and notice the talent

Last week was a writing week for me. I was completely immersed in the process of scripting and then shooting a set of 20 value-laden videos that will form a Coaching Toolkit for one of our forward-thinking clients. 

And while I was writing the script for "Why it's hard to coach when you're the manager – and how to make it work", I found myself hunting for an analogy around managing team performance in the moment, as opposed to waiting for annual reviews.

A Formula 1 pit crew came to mind, and as I searched (solo) for the right words to nail the analogy, my talented copy editor, Madeleine Forbes pointed me to a video of the Ferrari F1 pit crew at Melbourne in 2013.  

I'd seen the clip before, but it gave me goosebumps anew. And it brought up two trains of thought. 

Firstly, that our 'pit crews' in business are fantastically important, and have a major impact on our ability to 'win the race' and hit performance targets. I'm not sure I pause and appreciate that as often as I could. You too?

And secondly, that the performance of the pit crew in this clip has been monitored and fine tuned, and then monitored and fine tuned some more, and then again, until they're totally in sync with the task in hand. They practice and practice and practice, and their performance is honed moment by moment, by a management team that has all their data, and the big picture. 

So for this Catalyst post today, I have two enquiries for you:

  1. What skills do you have in your 'pit crew' that you're not utilising at the moment? What's the impact of that on your business? 
  2. How much fine tuning do you do in the moment – on your team's performance, or your own? What are the implications of that? 

Here's that clip:

Got you thinking?

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