Three great questions to stop ideas derailing you

You’re a 10-great-ideas-a-day kind of person. You read things, connect dots, find nuggets of gold, uncover gems.

Whether you’re reading the Sunday papers, people-watching in a café, or meeting with a key contact, your synapses are hard at work generating ideas, all of the time. Some days, more ideas than you can handle. 

 Photo © Jinx!, Flickr CC

Photo © Jinx!, Flickr CC

No doubt about it, having too many ideas is a great problem to have in business. That energy, that spark in you is what has made you the success you already are. It has your clients and colleagues thirsty for what you bring. 

But it’s frustrating, too, to be so chock-full of inspiration. Because you don’t have the capacity to pursue every brainwave you come up with; and because you know how disheartened you’ll feel when someone else turns the same idea into something real, a year from now.

Some reassurance

It’s incredibly common for high-performers to have such a 'busy head', and to feel frustrated that you can't pursue all of your ideas immediately. The majority of our already-successful Clarity Session clients feel like they're not reaching their full potential, not realising all of the great things they know they're capable of. 

You all love complexity, but that same love makes you lose focus. And when you have so much going on in your head, you're scattered. The result is that you accomplish much less than you’re capable of.

So how would it be to achieve more?

To be less scattered? To properly take the lid off your success? There are three important questions to ask yourself and to keep focusing back in on:

1. Where am I heading? This is key. You need a destination, and something much more tightly defined than ‘success’. You’re already successful, earning good money, great reputation, delivering great work. So what does amazing success look like for you? We’re talking about the suped-up success you know you’re capable of. What’s your ultimate outcome? Start getting specific, and see if you can build in some thrill factor.

2. How will I feel when I get there? It’s well researched that your success is more meaningful if you build in a sense of what it will feel like to achieve it. So how will you feel when you reach your ultimate outcome? Not sure? You might need to revisit question 1, and rev things up a little. Or how about creating some kind of graphic or sketch to capture the vibe? A mind map? Something on Pinterest? This might feel like a distraction, but creating a vision is strategic work.

3. What’s the one thing that will contribute the biggest success? Now that you know your destination, and you know what it will feel like to get there, what is the one thing that will contribute the biggest win? Don't over think this - it will be something you've been contemplating for a few weeks or months already. Name it now. You can always test your assumptions later, but don’t put this off.

You're back on track

Simply, by getting (re)focused on your destination, you can fend off the ideas that don’t contribute to your overall success; you won’t be scattered, and you’ll be on the road to greater success. Derailment averted. 

What do you think?

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