New intel, new business edge

 Photo  © 55Laney69, Flickr CC

Photo  © 55Laney69, Flickr CC

If you ‘listened’ to the energy in your company, what new intel would you have access to?

Bit of an oddball question?

It's slightly kooky, I'll admit. But I'm asking anyway because (a) Hello Potential is all about challenging you to think differently, and (b) I've been tuning in to the energy in my own business lately, and the data is simply fascinating. 

The seemingly simple art of listening came back into focus for me last month, when I re-read a blog post I'd written a few years back, about the three levels of listening:

1, your own head talk;

2, laser-beam focus on the person talking;

3, the broader vibe in the room, and crucially, your intuition.

I was reminded that listening, particularly in level 3, generates a significant amount of wisdom and knowledge, and brings intel that I'd be completely lost without in business. It has a marked impact on the way I choose to interact with the people around me.

So I asked myself that oddball question, and I listened in to the energy in my company.

And the intel? Well, I'm newly aware of the people and connections that are strong in the business, and the ones that need some nurturing. I've also tuned in to a pervasive hunger for more pace, and greater impetus within the core Hello Potential team. And I've picked up on a rich new seam of creativity, too, that's very much ready to be mined and turned into rocket fuel for your business. 

So give this is a shot. It takes just a minute. 

Quiet your mind for a moment, take a couple of deep breaths in and out, and tune in. Listen to the vibe around you. Tap into your intuition. Feel the 'hum' of the business you're part of, the energy. 

What do you hear when you listen?

What DO you hear? What’s wanting to happen?

Figuratively, I’m inviting you to hold a sensory microphone up and capture the vibe. What are the crackles and creaks telling you?

Got some data starting to flow? Why not share it in the comments below; we'd love to tune in with you too. 

Our challenge to you

If listening to your company's energy tells you that the business is in need of some maintenance time, or that it's ready to stand tall and face a new challenge, then sharing that intuition with your team and your peers could really be impactful. Because that data can then be woven into your choices, goals, and your strategic focus. It might change where you go next with the business. 

So, if your hunch is telling you that some interesting data is waiting for you, you're hereby challenged to run a listening-in session with your top team.

Take 15 minutes of your next meeting and tune in, together, to your collective intuition and the vibe of the business. And then review your findings as a group.

I'm betting the intel you generate will differ quite significantly from your collective norm; it might just give you the edge you've been searching for. 

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