Catalyst: The Toxic Marshmallow of Mediocrity

Today's catalyst comes via our Creative Lead (and proud wearer of the "visual scuba" badge) Jo Bradshaw. As befits her watery alter ego, she likes to dive deep into the heart of the issue and come back with pearls of wisdom.

Jo's drawn our attention to this TED talk by Welby Ings, which challenges the tendency in education and business to try to restrict learning - to set parameters around discovery, leading to a state which he memorably characterises as the "toxic marshmallow of mediocrity".

There's no doubt that unifying mission statements and goals can be powerful tools, and certainly have their place within teams. But looking after the humans within organisations, and allowing that spark of 'disobedient creativity' to take hold, might be the difference between a company that is able to nimbly adapt in times of change, and one that is left behind.

Over to you

Were you a disobedient thinker at school - or did you follow instructions? What rules have you broken in your professional life, and how have they helped you to find new ways of doing things? Tell us.

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