How To Inspire - In Two Minutes

In the previous video from our Senior Coach and 'Attention Grabber', Richard Fallon, we explored how to transform the fear of public speaking.

So having addressed how to overcome the pre-talk nerves and connect with your audience, now the question is what you use that confidence for. How will you really inspire your audience? Connect with them, get them to believe in your message?

This isn't an issue of vanity. This is about the purpose of your business, and your role in it. About realizing your true potential as a leader: to inspire others to take action; to show them what's possible. It's vital that your words have the effect they're meant to, but the most well-rehearsed speech in the world won't land without this important aspect in place.

In this 2-min video, Richard walks you through a crucial mindset to allow you to really inspire and connect with your audience.

Richard's approach is always audience-focused; his understanding of the power of connecting with those you're speaking to is transformative. He knows that connecting deeply with those you're leading is a fundamental aspect of becoming a leader with the power to make real change in the world.

Take the next step

If you're interested in going deeper into this work and you want your colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to be buzzing and excited when they leave the room  - then take a look at our Lead, Influence, Inspire programme. Richard's one of the coaches who'll lead you through a six-month program to transform the way you lead, speak and inspire those you work with.

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