Tell your unique story

Watching the UK's "first big election test" on TV last week – as Jeremy Paxman grilled David Cameron and Ed Miliband in what felt like job interviews for the role of British Prime Minister – I was reminded, all over again, how our leaders need to be seen as 'whole' people… By their organisations, by their customers, and in this case, by the public at large.

There's that feeling that we need more personal depth, more colour, if we are to follow someone and engage with their ideas; we need more than simply a job title, a vision, or a plan.

If any of us are to be credible when leading others, people need to know us, not just as a faceless figurehead but as a human being with emotions, stories, and experiences they can relate to.

From Richard Branson posting photos of his grandchildren on his personal website, to David Cameron posing for awkward holiday snaps, leaders need to show more than just technical competence if they're to win the trust of those who follow them.

So does this mean oversharing is the new inspiration? Personal blogs and selfies are the way forward?

Not quite. In today's 2-minute video, our Senior Coach and Attention-Grabber Richard Fallon explains how you can use your own unique story to resonate with the people you lead – starting with a really manageable action that could make all the difference next time you're managing big change in your organisation.

For me, the leaders who have the biggest impact are the ones who share memorable stories from their own experience.

Does that feel true for you, too?

For sure, the leaders that we've worked with, all of whom have learned to open up and share aspects of their stories with their teams, have gone on to grow their impact exponentially.

Over to you

Have you shared your own story with your team in the past, or would today's 2-minute video encourage you to do so in future? Can you remember the leaders who've had the biggest impact on you? What made them stand out, and do you remember their stories? Come over to twitter and let us know who they are.

Ready to tell your story?

We hope we have inspired you to think about sharing more of your own story, AND we know it can be hard sometimes to figure out what that is, and feel confident about expressing it.

It's why we developed our Lead, Influence, Inspire package; to support forward-thinking leaders who are ready for the challenge of engaging and inspiring their people by telling their authentic story, with passion. Find out more, and book your place – click here.

Want to know our story?

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