Catalyst: Pay it forward, profitably

What's the big picture behind the work you do? The difference you'd like to see in the world, the changes you'd love to witness within the community you live? The Fired-Up entrepreneurs I love to work with often have a big dream they want to see realised, both in their businesses and their society.

Sure, it's possible to make a healthy profit from your business and then support the causes you're passionate about through donations. But more and more, we're seeing socially-conscious entrepreneurs show that making a positive impact in the world, and running a profitable business, don't have to be separate strands of the work they do.

What's exciting me right now are entrepreneurs with the vision to innovate and come up with creative ways to make a socially impactful aspect an integral part of their business plan, and to give back to the community they're in at the same time as they grow a profitable company themselves.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what I mean:

Morgan's elegant "pay it forward" principle is deceptively subtle in its impact and delivery.

There are lots of elements here which combine to make this model a really powerful one: The arresting visual impact of the clustered coloured post-its; the instantly easy-to-understand concept of how each donated dollar is spent; the trust inherent in the self-selecting nature of the recipients (who decide for themselves whether they're entitled to a free pizza).

So as part of this really simple concept – 'paying it forward" – Rosa's reinforces the bonds of trust between members of a community; becoming a wider catalyst for social change. The positive impact on both those who give and those who receive is instantly evident, and so inspiring, in the interviews here.

Over to you

Can you think of other organisations who combine profitable business practices with sustainable ways of "paying it forward"? TOMS shoes is a huge inspiration to us. Come over to twitter, let us know who inspires you.

What's your big vision?

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