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Virgin’s Richard Branson is one of the UK’s best known business storytellers; his own character arc follows the classic 'quest' plot.  From student mag, through record company to airline, telecoms, ballooning adventures, and potentially space travel for tourists, the story he shares tells us about him, his company, and the values of both.  Branson's journey hasn't been classic 'rags to riches' by any stretch, but it reveals to investors, employees, and customers far more than any balance sheet or dry set of objectives ever could. 

At home on Necker Island, Branson lights a fire-pit on the beach some evenings, to encourage stories to flow, alongside the ideas he knows that stories nurture. 

 Image Flickr CC © Ilya Haykinson

Image Flickr CC © Ilya Haykinson

Of course, you may not (yet) be able to afford 74 acres in the Caribbean, or a handcrafted fire-pit depicting the antics of your family and friends, but there’s still plenty to take from Branson’s belief in the power of story. 

When you’re pitching your business, a compelling tale that sticks in your listener’s mind and gives them a reason to remember you is worth a fortune.  Yes, your professional credentials are important and people will want confidence in your skill set. But using stories to demonstrate drive, determination, and a belief in what you are doing… Well that makes you so much more impactful than presenting bare facts.   

In fiction it’s called ‘show not tell’.  In business, it’s the difference between making the connection, closing the deal, persuading people to believe in you – or not. 

Good storytelling gives your potential customers and partners the chance to understand and empathise.  It explains why you do what you do, the passion that spurs you on each day (even on those days when you feel it would be easier to get a 9-5 and let someone else take the risks). Good storytelling gives people a reason to click through to your website, dial your number, and ultimately to shake your hand.

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