Catalyst: Strategy for breakfast

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" – Peter Drucker

It’s one of our favourite quotes, and today our game-changing Lead Consultant, Larry Shulman has selected an article that unpacks just how important culture is – both to your people, and to your bottom line.

Larry has unearthed a short piece, published in Harvard Business Review some years back, entitled Culture Matters Most by Thomas Kell and Gregory T. Carrott.

From their analysis of thousands of executive assessments, Carrott and Kell share their findings about corporate cultures and their impact on our leaders.

"Corporate cultures – and not just the strong ones – influence employees’ leadership styles more than any other aspect of their jobs."
– Carrott and Kell

Whether implementing a new strategic direction, seeking to increase diversity at board level, or looking at future mergers, it's clear that leaders must consider culture above all else – and be aware of the all-important role it plays in shaping thinking within their organisation.

Carrott and Kell's research is a powerful affirmation of what we have experienced at Hello Potential time and again when working with leaders in a variety of sectors. In order to meet and beat organisational goals, it is of far greater value to fundamentally shift a business' culture than it is to thrash out yet another strategy.

To intentionally design a corporate culture, it’s vital that you first understand exactly what your culture is, and what you need it to become. In our experience, that analysis can sometimes pose organisations the biggest challenge of all.

Read the full Carrott and Kell article in Harvard Business Review, here.

Dig deeper

Do you agree with how fundamental culture is to an organisation – and do you agree with the authors of this article that change is best achieved through external hires? Or can a diversity of leadership styles be introduced from within an existing culture?  Come over to twitter – and let us know what you think.

What’s your culture?

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