support for bright
hungry managers

You've got bags of natural talent and the higher you reach, the more you succeed. You operate on gut instinct, hard work, and a steely determination to deliver.

Is this you?

You’re that self-developed manager who keeps being given bigger roles, bigger responsibilities. You're capable, present, a great communicator, and you have (metaphorically speaking) broad shoulders.

You love the idea of raising the bar on your own performance and taking purposeful control of your career; the thought of having your own bespoke roadmap on to leadership roles excites you. You’re ready to try new approaches, and you’re starting to crave feedback, formal development, guidance, and backup.


Quite apart from the fact that you're bright, talented and successful, the fact that you’re hungry to learn and develop makes our hearts sing. We’ll work with you to create the intentional career you aspire to, and develop your self-awareness to the point where you have the courage to manage and lead as... you.

So what's our approach? A great place to start is to download "Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges", completely free when you sign up for inspiration from our blog here.

And click on any of the images below to start getting to know our team, and thinking about who you'd love to work with.

Let's find out what you're really capable of

With the right support, our experience is that managers like you can grow into truly inspirational leaders, leaving a huge thumbprint on the world. So we've designed these coaching packages with you in mind. Where does your trusty gut instinct tell you is the best place to start?

Bright Talent to Brilliant
Personal Impact

Discover how to engage, inspire, and influence the people around you, including the teams you lead, and the senior managers you report to. Learn the art of story telling, and get really clear on your message and impact. Authenticity and courage required. Spend an intensive morning working 1:1, or a full day as a group, and expect to ‘shock and awe’ when you’re done. 

Bright Talent to Brilliant Strategic Career

Discover your purpose and passion - what lights you up, what gives you energy, what fuels your focus. And create a resonant, structured, and strategic map to drive you forwards in your career. Working 1:1 with your coach over a 3-month period, expect to feel challenged, focused, and inspired. 

Bright Talent to Brilliant Coaching Conversations

Spend a day with us to immerse yourself in the manager-specific coaching skills that, with practice, will transform your team’s performance. Practice and experiment with what works for you; then apply what you’ve learned with your team, and dial in for three follow-up coaching calls to check and fine-tune your approach.

Bright Talent to Brilliant

A 6-month ‘change-your-life’ programme of workshops and 1:1 coaching support, designed to radically overhaul the way you manage and lead. Build your self-awareness; get up close with your strengths; receive invaluable feedback; and apply new tools & approaches. Become the manager people jump teams to work with.

Ready? Drop us a line with Bright Hungry Manager in your message, tell us which package has sparked your interest. We'll be in touch with all the details you need.

"Looking for something different than we've described? No problem."

In addition to packaging up support that we've designed with you in mind, we're also a bespoke consultancy, so how about your very own 'Bespoke-able Empty Box'? Design with us! We coach. We mentor. We consult. We listen intently at every level. We lend our expertise. We envision. We inspire. We develop. We lead and guide. We help create meaningful, sustainable, sticky change. Tell us what you need and we'll get right on it!