Support for fired-up entrepreneurs:

Clarity Session

Is this you?

You're good at what you do. Really good. Creating, leading, selling, strategising, delivering – you ace it all. But you're not flying yet; not as high as you could be.

Despite your many and varied talents, there’s a lid on what you’ve achieved so far.   

For the best reasons, strategic planning gets parked in favour of client and urgent work, and your success plan is a little foggy. You have things roughly mapped out, but the detail is unclear, and strategic actions don’t get completed. You crave movement, results, action!

Rather than a dusty, impenetrable, 50-page strategy, you want to laser-in on the initiative(s) that will contribute the most to your success. 

Paramount for you right now is simplicity. You love (love, love) complexity, but at the moment you need a sure-fire success strategy that's quick to deliver, and easy to implement. Quick wins? No, you know they don’t cut it. But simple strategy that sticks? Yes. You need it now.

Welcome to the fired-up entrepreneur's clarity session

Gain clarity, get focused

Clarity coaching sessions allow you to work alongside an experienced strategist to share ideas, gain insight, and find that elusive initiative that will help you take the lid off your success. 

This is space and time carved out for you and your business. Sound like a luxury? It's crucial time and a really wise investment when you work in isolation, and need a business ally to help you think through your ideas, and get strategic.

You'll leave the session with a simple, effective, strategic plan that you can deliver straight away, and with accountability checks in place to keep you moving. Just imagine the drive you’ll experience as a result!

Work with the MD

You'll work with Rachel Hall, Lead Coach and MD at Hello Potential, in a Clarity Session entirely tailored to your unique situation.

"Hey, I'm Rachel Hall, a certified professional coach (CPCC), and a well versed boardroom strategist. I have a gift for helping already-successful entrepreneurs create simple “sticky” strategy that gets them bigger results than they've achieved so far on their own.

"I love helping clients uncover the ‘how?’ of making a business soar; clarity and simplicity are so powerful. My talent is in busting the maze that's keeping you stuck and unsure of how to move forward; I'm on a mission to help you find your path and achieve more in business than you even think possible.

"I’ve been running a business in one form or another since 2000, and I’ve helped entrepreneurs from around the world create resonant strategic plans they’re passionate about sticking to. Because their plan leads directly to the success they want.

"I’m passionate about uncovering potential – in you, and your business; and I’m all about challenging my clients to be bolder, more audacious, and more courageous. As a coach, I know the limits we tend to live within, to stay safe and feel comfortable; and I also know the outstanding results that passionate entrepreneurs can achieve when the brakes come off.

"I’ve done my own courageous work on taking my business to the next level, and that’s why I’m passionate about supporting you to do the same. We walk the same path."

"I cannot recommend Rachel enough - from her sparkly personality, her incredible listening skills and empathy through to providing real guidance and support to help me make some big decisions and changes to the way I approach life - Rachel played a valuable role in my life last year and I am sure I will be looking to use her skills in the future."

Sally Measures, Director at Mesh Employee Communications Ltd

"If you're looking for a coach who is personable with high integrity, and more importantly gets results, then stop your search and hire Rachel now. She is phenomenal. I will continue to work with her for the foreseeable future. Put simply, she's one of the best coaches I've ever had the pleasure of working with and that's coming from a qualified coach myself. Hire her now!"

Stephen Tierney, Managing Director, Leadtel (Telecoms & IT Appointment Experts)

The Clarity Session is for you if…

  • You run your own business and are fired-up about its potential
  • You’re ready for challenge, and would feel short changed without it
  • You're frustrated that you don't have a clear vision or plan right now
  • You feel stuck – your business path to success feels muddy, foggy, out of focus
  • You want to fly higher in business, and you know you have the capability and drive to do so
  • You’re willing to be present, work hard, and take some risks for an hour; you’re OK with drawing on some courage to take a leap or two
  • You’re serious about making some new success happen
  • You’re ready to be accountable
  • You're willing to do the work involved in being coached – before, during and after the call
  • You're ready to learn, and understand that you might be called on to try some new ways of working

What to expect, what's included

Clarity sessions take place by phone or Skype, as you prefer.

You'll receive an hour of one-to-one strategic coaching, tailored 100% to your business needs and wants. The session is geared up to support you, challenge you, and get you into strategic action – whatever that means for your business right now.

Before the session, you'll receive a pre-call worksheet to complete, to help you get really intentional about what you want to achieve.

After the session, you’ll  benefit from a BONUS 15-minute follow-up accountability call, a fortnight after your coaching – to check-in on your progress and draw out further actions.

Expect to come away with:

  • Clarity! And a feeling of relief that things are clearer and feel more straightforward
  • Satisfaction that you're back on track
  • Clear focus – you'll know exactly where you need to focus next
  • A set of actions to get to work on straight away
  • And a new zing that will drive you onwards


Gain the business clarity you crave.
Investment: £150 inc VAT. Book here: 

Clarity Sessions are valid for six months from the point of purchase.

We're confident you’ll be delighted with our work together; but of course you can’t know that for sure until the end of the session. We want to make sure you have nothing to worry about, so we offer a Wise Investment Guarantee. If you fully participate (i.e. complete and return the pre-call questionnaire in advance, attend for the full 60-minute Clarity Session and the follow-up accountability call, and dive in whole-heartedly with the exercises and coaching process) and you’re not completely satisfied, email us within 48 hours of our accountability call to request a full refund (minus PayPal fees if applicable).

What happens when you click?

Firstly, you’ll be taken to PayPal to pay your session fee. Please note, Hello Potential is a brand of TSO Consulting Ltd, and so you'll see the TSO Consulting name alongside Hello Potential in all communications from PayPal.

Once your PayPal transaction is complete, you'll be redirected to our online calendar, where you can very quickly and easily schedule your Clarity Session with Rachel in the diary – at a time and on a date that suits you.

Finally, once your session date and time is confirmed, you’ll receive an email from Rachel with the pre-call worksheet, which you'll need to complete and return before the coaching – to help you both prepare and to ensure you get every last drop of juice from the coaching time you have with Rachel.

Still got questions?

Get in touch with Rachel direct here, and get the answers you need straight from your Clarity Session coach.