coaching Notebook

A little book of reflection and jotting… To help you squeeze every last drop of juice from your coaching sessions – and then make change happen

When you're getting coaching, the process of preparing, jotting, and reflecting on what's shifted between sessions is crucial. It's where the real change happens.

Over the many years we've dedicated to coaching busy leaders and managers, we've noticed something. Having a specific notebook, just for coaching, actually accelerates learning.

Of course, any notebook will do perfectly well when it comes to capturing your thoughts after a coaching session. But there's something about having a particular one that you return to each time that just... works. Maybe because you can so easily flick back to see what you wrote last session, and the 5 before that. Something sinks in as a result.

So at the end of 2014, we created a neat little coaching notebook for clients being coached through our first 100 days programme – as a place to keep all of their learning notes, 'ah ha!' moments, doodles, and jottings, over the course of their 6 coaching sessions.

We added the specific questions we wanted our clients to ask themselves in between sessions, and included extras as well: Useful tools and prompts to move their thinking forward. In fact, we included everything we could to make sure our clients made the most out of each session, and to help them turn their epiphanies into action.

We got the books printed and bound, and guess what? We had a small epiphany of our own.

coaching notebook.jpg

Our very own 'ah ha!' moment

We realised you might also like to use this ever-so-helpful coaching notebook, in your coaching sessions with Hello Potential, or with any other coach for that matter. The notebook is packed full of coaching pointers, tools, powerful questions, and of course there's space for your coaching session prep, notes, and reflections. It's neat.

To purchase your beautifully-bound copy (13 x 20 cm), simply take a leaf through the preview below, and then click on the shopping cart icon to order. The notebook is £24.99 incl standard shipping.

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