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culture eats strategy for breakfast

Is this you?

You're a senior member of the top team in your business. Collectively you're competent, close-knit and functioning well;  the organisation is successful and moving forward. You've created some significant wins and now you've got the headspace to think strategically and look ahead at what's next.

Your vision, mission, business goals and strategic direction are clear. You know what you need to focus on; what you need in order to innovate, promote and grow.

But you've identified a mismatch between the culture you have now, and the kind of culture you will need if you're going to meet – and potentially beat – your strategic objectives.

Your existing organisational culture might actually make it harder to turn your vision into reality

Even if you could get there with the culture you've already established, it would be a hardcore trek that drains your collective energy, morale and resilience.

Instead, you're up for making a fundamental shift in the way your business functions, so that your objectives can flow smoothly and easily. 

You want to make sure that there's a match between your individual and combined leadership styles, and the culture that's needed to meet your goals. You're also aware that you need to understand clearly what your existing culture is – what it looks like, feels like and lends itself to achieving – at every level in the business.

So, you're choosing to bring in some external expertise to help you move from the culture you have to the culture you need.

The great news is

You've realised that what got the organisation to this successful point is not the same as what will take it to the next level, and that your future success will be rooted in a change of culture.

In the words of Peter Drucker, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast".  He's so right. We've worked with many executive teams like yours to help them understand their existing culture, and discover what kind of leadership it will take to shift it on a deep level in order to fly high.

Those clients have redefined the kind of business they need to be in order to meet and beat stretch goals, and all have saved precious time and energy by intentionally setting their culture, rather than ploughing on without listening to their gut feeling: that something needs to change.

Which culture describes your business best, as it is now?

In a GREEN culture, your business is a friendly place to work, where people share a lot of themselves. Your leaders are mentors, and there's lots of loyalty, tradition and high commitment.


In a BLUE culture, there are formalities and structures, with lots of procedures governing what people do. Your leaders are good co-ordinators and organisers, maintaining a smooth-running business, and the long term is about stability and performance. 

RED cultures are results driven: the major concern is getting the job done. Your people are competitive and goal-oriented, and your leaders drive hard and compete. There's an emphasis on winning, and success is about market share and reputation.

In a YELLOW culture, your people tend to be dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative. Your leaders are innovators and risk-takers. The "glue" holding you all together is a commitment to experimentation, and there's a long-term emphasis on growth and leading edge. Individual initiative and achievement are encouraged.

You may be a mixture of all four, but one colour will be the cultural preference. We can help you unpick that – and then get intentional about which colour and which culture  will serve you best, given your goals.

Imagine knowing how to describe your existing culture, and being able to see clearly how that culture will lend itself (or not) to the achievement of your strategic goals.

Imagine being firmly in the driving seat of your organisational success; being able to set strategy safe in the knowledge that it's anchored to your cultural profile, and will never feel like an uphill struggle.

Imagine making decisions that will lead directly to the achievement of your business goals. Being free to focus, innovate, promote and grow in the right direction.


welcome to culture eats strategy for breakfast





Who you'll work with

You'll be working with a combination of Larry Shulman, Jackie Smith, and Rachel Hall. We devised the package for you, and have already delivered it to ambitious executive teams, with fantastic impact.

This is for you if…

  • You're serious about meeting and beating your strategic business objectives, and you want to get your executive team together to explore how to do that
  • You and your team are ready to be real and honest about your existing culture: What works and what doesn't
  • You're ready, willing, and able to make some decisions and implement them as a result of this workshop
  • You can get your team together for two one-day sessions within the space of two months
  • You're intrigued to find out why culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • You've identified that your existing culture isn't going to help you achieve your vision
  • You want to set strategy that accounts for the culture of the business
  • Collectively, you want to create the best workplace for your people

What to expect

  • Two one-day executive team workshops at a location local to you
  • A partnering approach to the design of these workshops, so that the sessions are tailored to your individual organisation, your context, and your needs and wants
  • Priority action planning

What we'll work on

  • Convincing you that culture eats strategy for breakfast - and sharing with you the key levers we can use to diagnose and change organisational culture
  • Diagnosing your current and required culture, and considering the implications of your findings
  • Sharing with you what the latest research tells us about how leaders create the best workplaces on earth, and enabling you to think about how well you do this
  • Asking you to think about the leader you are, and the leader you need to be - personally and as an executive team
  • Sharing some cutting-edge research on Giver, Taker and Matcher cultures
  • Exploring why Marcus Buckingham states that we need to "play chess not draughts" (i.e. your people are not all the same)

What else is included?

  • All of the design time we'll spend with you up front, to ensure the workshop sessions fit your business
  • Secure passworded access to our client portal for your whole team, and your personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you'll find there to help you prepare
  • Unlimited email support between workshops, for your whole team
  • BONUS: a beautifully bound hard copy of our book Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges for each of you.

The budget

Your investment for Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast is £4,900 + VAT.  For your budget, you'll get two full day's delivery time, plus a day of bespoke tailoring time to ensure our design fits your needs. You and your team will also be able to check in with us between sessions using the unlimited email support we've wrapped in.

Have questions?

Drop Rachel Hall an email here, and get the answers to your questions – direct from the delivery team – in just an hour or two.

Ready to get into action

If we've described your business on this page, and you're ready to start creating an intentional organisational culture that will actually contribute to the achievement of your goals, then we would love to work with you.

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