support for fired-up entrepreneurs

You've created a business that you're proud of – that makes a real difference. But you know that you're capable of oh-so-much more. We're as fired-up as you are about taking the lid off your business success.

Is this you?

You’re sparky, ambitious, and you run your own already-successful business. You’re fiercely independent. You’ve got years of hard-won experience, and you’ve developed an outstanding reputation with your clients – because the work that you do is intelligent, credible, inspiring, and valuable.

You’ve had some superb wins, and now you crave a bigger, bolder impact. You're feeling tethered, and you want your business to fly… But you need support with building the right strategy to get you in the air.


Whatever your line of business, if you’re driven to create extraordinary success, and make a bigger positive impact through the work that you do, we’re here to help and support you in this next phase of your success.

Ready to deepen your learning, and spring into action?

 We want your business to fly, and we're here to provide the support you need in creating the right strategy. A great place to start would be to download "Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges", which is free when you sign up for our blog here. And take a look at the support packages we’ve put together for fired-up entrepreneurs like you, below.

Passive Income Blueprint

Working all hours? Missing out on family time? Want a more flexible business model?

Passive Income Blueprint will address all of these struggles and more, helping you earn great money without working 24/7 - so that you can sleep, eat, play, bath the kids, travel, sunbathe, dance, sip a cappuccino, and get to the school play.

Clarity Sessions

60 value-laden minutes, one-to-one, to explore your business ideas, get really clear on what you want to achieve, and get straight into action – with your coach providing the back-up, challenge, and structure you need.

One full, intensive day spent face to face with your coach, Rachel Hall, to move you from ‘fuzzy’ and ‘hesitant’ to ‘clear, energized, and in action’ by the end of the session. Think of it as accelerated-business-results coaching wrapped in an expertly structured one-day package specifically for fired-up entrepreneurs. Expect to feel revved-up as you leave the building! 

Got something different in mind? No problem!

In addition to packaging up support that we've designed with you in mind, we're also a bespoke consultancy, so how about your very own 'Bespoke-able Empty Box'? Design with us! 

We coach. We mentor. We consult. We listen intently at every level. We lend our expertise. We envision. We inspire. We develop. We lead and guide. We help create meaningful, sustainable, sticky change. So simply tell us what you need and we'll get right on it. 

Here's a line-up of our talented team. Get to know us, and think over who you'd love to work with, by clicking on the images in the gallery below.