support for forward-thinking leaders

You’ve paid attention to your own development throughout your career, but lately you’ve been craving a more resonant challenge; something altogether more stretching. Turns out, you've come to the right place.

Is this you?

You earned your leadership stripes by operating from your values, day in, day out; you’re committed to authenticity. You're great at what you do and well respected in your organisation.

But you’ve lost sight of what actually drives you and fills you up energetically.  You want to inspire the people you work with, and create a strong leadership legacy; to know that what you do matters. Right now, if you're honest, you’re unsure where to focus your attention. You're looking for support around becoming a more sophisticated leader, and defining what your ‘big why’ is.


It’s so clear to us – you’re hungry for growth and you want to have a more meaningful impact. It’s time for a new challenge and a fresh direction, which is perfect, because we're champing at the bit to help you dare further, be bolder, and make an even bigger (positive) difference in business. 

We'd love for you to get to know us a little better, and think over who you'd love to work with. Who piques your interest in the gallery below?

Get ready for game-changing challenge and inspiration

A great place to start would be to download "Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges", which is free when you sign up for inspiration from our blog here

Ready to dive deeper? We've pulled together three packages of support that we know will have the biggest impact on your leadership, based on our years of experience working with top-level teams and individuals, plus one high-impact call to get you instant clarity and perspective when you need it most.

Whether you're looking to start as you mean to go on in a brand new role; revitalise your top team and change the way you approach your business goals; or take an in-depth look at the individual impact you're creating, you'll find a package below that fits:

First 100 Days Coaching Package

An intensive programme of challenging coaching, covering the critical first 100 days of a new role,  project, or responsibility. We designed this package specifically for forward-thinking leaders willing to accept Marshall Goldsmith's premise that 'what got you here won't get you there'. Your first 100 days will be the measure of your success. Let us support you to identify your strengths, and create vital strategic alliances as you lead your team forwards.  Find out more >>

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

A pair of bespoke workshops for you and your Exec team, to help you analyse your existing culture,  get real about whether that culture will allow you to achieve your strategic goals >> and then set and start implementing an intentional culture that will not only support you meeting your goals, but beating them too.
Find out more >>

Lead, Influence & Inspire

A 6-month programme of experiential workshops and 1:1 coaching, focused on leading, influencing, and inspiring key stakeholders. This game-changing programme will grow your self-awareness far beyond what you’ve already learnt; challenge you to play only to your strengths; and provide you with detailed feedback about your leadership effectiveness. You’ll learn the art of story telling, and new approaches to engage your audience. Authenticity and courage required.  Find out more >> 

Take stock

A sixty minute coaching call to get straight to the heart of your craving for clarity, whatever you're feeling fuzzy, jumbled or unclear around. No lengthy prep or preamble, just uninterrupted focus from one of our experienced coaches who's ready to challenge and direct you. Reconnect with your values; gain clarity on your next steps; take stock of where you're at and understand exactly where you're headed next. Find out more >>

My leadership brand

A whole day, one-on-one, to help you uncover your signature brand of leadership and learn to describe it fluently to others. You'll leave with a clear description of the kinds of people and organisations you want to work with; knowing the difference you're meant to make, and really understanding your purpose. Find out more >>

"Thinking you'd like a different option? Let's design what you need... "

In addition to packaging up support that we've designed with you in mind, we're also a bespoke consultancy, so how about your very own 'Bespoke-able Empty Box'? Design with us! We coach. We mentor. We consult. We listen intently at every level. We lend our expertise. We envision. We inspire. We develop. We lead and guide. We help create meaningful, sustainable, sticky change. Tell us what you need and we'll get right on it!