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Lovely to meet you. My name is Julia Wheeler, and I'm a Specialist Coach and Storyteller at Hello Potential.

Storytelling is close to my heart: I'm a journalist by profession, and was the BBC Gulf Correspondent until 2010, covering news, business and sport for TV, radio and the web. During this time I also wrote a book, ‘Telling Tales,’ about the history of Dubai.

What I've found since being back in the UK is that storytelling in business – used as a strategic engagement tool, reaching in to the audience's imagination – is seriously powerful, and massively under-utilised.

It makes leaders more engaging and human, turns dry facts, reports and data into memorable messages, and allows objectives to focus on the reality of an exciting and achievable future.  Storytelling is relevant to global companies, public-sector organisations, growing businesses, charities, community groups, and anyone who wants what they say to be heard – and remembered.

So, please forget any image of Storytelling being about tucking children in at bedtime or Scouts and Guides warming their hands around a camp fire, and find out more about what it can do for you, your team and your organisation. 

I take huge satisfaction from working with forward-thinking leaders who have amazing technical brilliance – designers, architects, academics – and who need to pack a punch in terms of engaging their 'public'. I help them hone their message, simplify complex information that lacks 'spice', and bring their story alive for the audience.

I love to work with bright, hungry managers and their teams to delve into what they want to say, and make it stick.  Storytelling – and Storylistening – are invaluable in bringing teams together with a common purpose, and for them to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their goals. 

And if you’re a fired-up entrepreneur, let me help you find, understand, and tell the story that makes you and your organisation the one that people are excited to call. 

What story would you tell to create more engagement in your business? Come on over to Twitter and let me know.  And if you’re not sure what that story would be, I'd love to work with you to discover it. Book a 30-minute exploratory call with me, here, and let's explore together.

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