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Lead, influence, inspire

Lead, Influence, Inspire is a comprehensive, challenging programme for senior leaders – who are ready to dig deep into how they connect and engage with others, how they inspire, and how they lead their organisation forward. Through group workshops and one-to-one coaching, you'll learn how to strip back the essence of what you communicate, and then share it in a powerful, dynamic, engaging way that truly inspires others.

Is this you?

You're in a senior role, and you've got there because you're really good at what you do. Your technical specialty (maybe you're a finance whizz, or a lawyer or engineer by profession) has been your passion. You've immersed yourself in your industry, and challenged yourself to learn and progress to the very top of your game. You have credentials. 

You're well liked, and well respected; the business that you're a part of considers you a valuable asset. And yet you know you're not creating the influence you need – within your career, or within the organisation – in order to get important messages across. People are following your lead because they respect how you work, but you sense that they're not fully on board, hearts and minds. They’re not loving it, and not going home fired-up about working on an "amazing new project" with you, or feeling inspired by the conversation you've had together. You crave that kind of engagement. 

You want to feel like what matters to you actually 'lands' with the people that you're working alongside, and packs the punch you intend. You want to sway people, create some impact, and inspire people to come along with you, because you have some business-imperative messages to deliver. But right now, you feel at a loss; you're stuck on how to achieve that. 

You're in the perfect place

It's incredibly common for senior leaders to gradually realise that the competencies that helped them rise to the top won't help engage and inspire. And that's precisely because, like you, they've been head down, challenging themselves to achieve their best within their field. From your seat at the Board table, it may be dawning on you that you don't have the 'storytelling' and engagement skills you now need. It's not that you're not capable - it's just that these skills were never a part of your training, and your field-specific expertise hasn't touched on broader aspects of inspiring people.

Tried and tested strategies

The great news is our team has vast experience helping senior leaders deliver important messages with impact, passion, and conviction. We've a toolbox of tried and tested strategies to help you tap into your innate leadership strengths, so that you really are inspirational to others, and so that you do lead and influence them. We've seen those strategies get results, if you're ready to do the work. 

Imagine being able to look forward to sharing your message. To feeling confident when you speak in public, knowing you come across as passionate and real. Imagine connecting with an audience that’s engaged.

Imagine that audience leaving your meeting or presentation revved up, and talking over what you've just said, building on it, being inspired directly by you – rather than discussing what to have for lunch!

We'll help you discover how to develop a message that's concise and inspiring. And we'll help you to grow into a charismatic communicator (never a corny or arrogant one), with a winning message. Transparent, authentic, inspiring.


welcome to lead, influence, inspire

Who you'll work with

On this programme, you'll work with two of our coaches who specialise in communication: Richard Fallon and Julia Wheeler.

Richard Fallon: Richard is a specialist voice, presence, and personal impact coach, having trained as a professional actor at the Central School of Speech and Drama. 

"Yes, 'attention grabber', that's me; but the grabbing is all achieved by my clients, all of whom want to persuade, and lead, and influence those around them with energy and passion. I help them find an authentic voice with which to do so, and I love this work. It's MY passion!"

Find out more about Richard here.

Julia Wheeler: Julia is a journalist by profession, and was the BBC Gulf Correspondent until 2010, covering news, business, and sport for TV, radio, and the web. During that time she also wrote the book 'Telling Tales' about the history of Dubai.

"What I've found since being back in the UK is that storytelling in business – used as a strategic engagement tool, encouraging the audience's imagination – is both seriously powerful and massively under-utilised. I get huge satisfaction from working with forward thinking leaders who have amazing technical brilliance – designers, architects, academics – and who need to engage their 'public'. I help them hone their message, simplify what is often complex information that lacks 'spice', and bring their story alive for the audience."

Find out more about Julia here.

This programme is for you if... 

  • You want your colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to be buzzing and excited when they leave the room – talking about what you’ve said, not checking their email.
  • You're up for some ground-shifting work - you know that a deep level of transformation is required, and you're ready to step up and take it on.
  • You're hungry for this. It's time to take action.
  • You're ready to put yourself out there and be vulnerable – you'll be supported all the way through as you learn the strategies you need, but you've got to get feedback if you're to learn how to be most effective.
  • You're ready for a deepening of connection – the real you being more here, liberating.

What to expect

  • A suite of 6 half-day group workshops (2 on each distinct element of the Lead, Influence, Inspire programme) over a 4-month period. This is invaluable face-to-face time with Richard and Julia, rich with content, guidance, and expertise. 
  • A further 6 one-on-one, face-to-face coaching sessions - with either Richard or Julia - lasting 2 hours each. The sessions are layered between the workshops to help you maximise the specific individual learning you take from each event. 
  • Workshops and coaching sessions take place in London, unless you'd like to book the programme exclusively for your organisation in which case we'll come to your town. 
  • 8 people per cohort, although we do flex for more participants, and for fewer.
  • An option to fast-track the programme, completing 3 full-day workshops and all the coaching in just 2 months
  • A series of BONUS 'review and extend your learning' videos, between each workshop and following the final session. We'll prompt you about what to be focusing on before the next workshop, and we'll review what stood out for Richard and Julia. 
  • A 60-minute Q&A group call, 2 months after your final workshop, to help you nail your learning, and put it to the very best use. 

"Flexible, professional and understanding of our emerging priorities... Never failed to meet a deadline, met our expectations regarding green practices and made huge efforts to understand our culture, history and aspirations...
"Always able to supply the variety of people we needed... from Organisational Development consultants and executive coaches, to event facilitators and professional actors. All of these people... maintained the professional standards we have come to take for granted."

David Aberdeen, Regional HR Manager, Environment Agency – now Executive General Manager, People & Culture, Royal District Nursing Service, Australia

What's included:

  • A complimentary copy of the Hello Potential Coaching Notebook, to use when you're preparing for your sessions, taking notes during the coaching, and to jot your thoughts between workshops.  
  • Online access to all the learning materials we've created for you, including slides, films, and workbooks
  • The cost of the workshop venue, including refreshments 
  • Our travel expenses for London sessions
  • BONUS: a beautifully bound hard copy of our book 'Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges'

What's not included:

  • Our travel expenses outside of London
  • Your own travel
  • VAT  

Workshop summaries

Workshops 1 & 2: Lead
The essence of leading is in the stories you tell, and storytelling will be the core for the first two half-day workshops. 

You're making decisions that affect the future of your company, and if you’re going to get people on board, they need to know who you are. You can help them know you through the stories you tell them, stories that are real and authentic. We'll work on:

  • Finding your stories
  • Getting skilled in the use of metaphor - it's a hugely powerful tool that will make sure your ideas stick in people's minds. 
  • Showing your flaws. Fallibility and your human side. Sharing (appropriate) stories about struggle and perseverance. 

Workshops 3 & 4:  Influence
Influencing is about inspiring others. And so these two half-day workshops will guide you to understand what will inspire people, and what they're excited about. 

There's an element of investigating that in advance, but we'll focus on digging for what inspires people 'in the moment', so that you have a better sense of who they are and can make an empathic connection, putting yourself completely in their place. We'll work on:

  • Getting yourself into someone else's space using your imagination - "if that were me..."
  • Getting yourself into someone else's space using observation - watching the non-verbals, stilling the critic, centering yourself, plugging in and connecting. It works 1:1 or 1:1000.
  • Listening - at level 1 (head talk), level 2 (zooming in on what's being said), and level 3 (the energy or atmosphere in the room). 
  • Using language that engages people and draws them in.  

Workshops 5 & 6: Inspire
To inspire people, you have to plug into your passion for what you're talking about. And when you do that, something extraordinary happens. Everything changes. Not just the non-verbal stuff, but also your voice, and the words you use. Your language will change as you shift. 

This workshop builds from the premise that to inspire others, you must BE inspired. So we'll do some solid work on how you plug into your source of inspiration and passion. And you'll quickly see, on camera, what a difference that makes when you're communicating your ideas, your vision, to your audience from the heart. 

Then, we'll bring it all together, helping you to strip back the essence of what it is you want to communicate - because that's what will compel people to follow you. You will connect with your passion, tell stories that engage people, have them hooked on what you're saying, and inspire them to go with you, whatever the direction or message.

The budget

Your investment in Lead, Influence, Inspire is £4,995 + VAT per person, for which you'll receive the 6 workshops, and 6 coaching sessions, and all of the bonus content and support we've detailed above. And don't forget you'll also receive your bonus copy of Stand Tall, plus a complimentary copy of the Hello Potential Coaching Notebook, to keep all of your learning in one place. 

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