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Is this you?

You've made your way to the top of your organisation, and now you're leading the way – making critical decisions; setting strategy, pace and direction.  You're highly competent, well established, strategic, and your voice is one that already has authority and punch.

You've got a good team working alongside you, and your direct reports are credible and strong. They think the same about you. So there's not a huge amount adrift; there are challenges, for sure, but the business is heading in the right direction, and leadership is solid.

So what's the disconnect?

You keep coming back to a nagging sense that you're not 'on purpose'; your role isn't the one you're meant to have. You're achieving outward success, but you're not completely fulfilled and deep down you know you're not achieving your potential.

You're always looking to stretch yourself, and you hunger for development. But you've lost track of what you stand for on a personal level, and what's really important to you – what matters.

You don't feel that you quite 'fit' in the organisation or the role that you're in right now, and you're concerned not to become institutionalised and stuck in one role or business. You're looking for a fresh challenge, and importantly, one that's in line with your values.

You long to better understand who you are. What you stand for. What your 'big why' is. Maybe you've watched that Simon Sinek TED talk, or caught sight of footage of Steve Jobs in his prime, and felt the distance between them and where you are. You want a renewed sense of purpose in your work; to feel like you're making a difference to the right people, and that you know who they are. You want an intentional career.

What do you want to be known for?

This isn't about indulging in some navel gazing. This isn't a 'nice to have'. So often these are the reasons leaders give for resisting the work that needs to happen if they're to find a role which fits on every level. If you're to make the most of your talent, you need to know exactly who you are and what it is you bring to the world.

A sense of your personal brand is something that's essential for you to be able to easily and simply describe what you stand for to others; what you're known for; your signature.

You've got a feeling you might be ready to move roles, but you need clarity about what to go for and how to package your experience when you speak to headhunters and agencies. You want your next move to be the the right one so that you don't disrupt your family needlessly, or take unnecessary risks; you're ready to get your teeth into a role that aligns with your values and will allow you to grow and make a real impact.

You want to get clear about the legacy you'll create for your family; get very specific about the kinds of roles that will bring you to life and make you sparkle. You're ready to start defining the kinds of businesses you want to work with and what you offer.

The great news is…

We've worked with people in your position many, many times before. In fact, we've developed a strategic setp-by-step approach that we can use together to get you clarity – quickly – around what's important to you, and the kind of roles that will have you working on purpose. Together we'll create an action plan to help you move forward.

We believe if you're not on purpose, in a role that makes your heart sing, fills you up, and ignites your passion – you're playing small.

We're here to support you in standing tall, and that's going to mean challenging yourself to move up to the next level – beyond the trappings of 'career success'. In the words of John Green, "What matters to you defines your mattering". 

Imagine this...

Imagine, in a single day, uncovering your brand and being able to describe it to others fluently and with passion. Imagine having a clear description of the kinds of people and organisations you want to work with if you're to make your biggest impact. Knowing the difference you're meant to make. Really understanding your purpose.

Imagine finding clarity, and then taking steps to make a change. Weaving that knowledge into your CV so that it sparks fresh interest and you stand out from the crowd. Taking a fresh look at your strengths and values, and blending them together into a cohesive map of your next move. Choosing the roles you go for based on a solid understanding of who you are. 

Imagine knowing that whatever challenges come up, you'll have a guide to refer back to to make sure you're on the right path.


welcome to the forward-thinking leader's brand you

Who you'll work with

You'll be paired with one of our team of coaches, who have bags of experience helping senior leaders uncover what they really stand for. They've worked with leaders from Southeastern Trains and Cisco to Coca Cola and Department for Transport. We'll make sure we find the perfect match for you.

This is for you if…

  • You've achieved a massive amount already, but you're champing at the bit for a bigger challenge
  • You want more meaning in the work that you do
  • You're foggy about your next move, career-wise
  • You want to stand out from the crowd by sharing your Big Why
  • You don't yet know what your Big Why is, or are unsure of the concept
  • You're willing to be present, work hard and take some risks for a day
  • You're serious about making some new success happen
  • You're ready to invest in your own career development
  • You're able to set aside a whole day, without interruptions
  • Your business life and family life are full, and they take priority – meaning your own development tends to get shelved

What to expect

This is an intensive, no-holds-barred one-day workshop geared up for you, solo. You'll work one-to-one with your coach; it's all about you! 

We'll find a mutually convenient venue in the UK and a date that works for you and your coach. Once the date is set you'll gain access to a secure portal that's been pre-loaded with worksheets and mp3 audio recordings to help you prepare. You'll be able to start the conversation with your coach there online, and pre-agree the specific outcomes you want from the day you spend together

You'll also get 2 x 60-minute Take Stock calls as follow-ups to your day of coaching, the first one month after your workshop and the second one month after that – to ensure you maximise your learning and stay on track. The calls will provide accountability for the actions that you agreed to, and support and challenge you to move even further forward. We'll look at areas where you're stuck, revisit content from the workshop, and help you make real progress towards a role that fits your leadership brand perfectly.

What we'll work on

  • FOCUS ONE: What I want to be known for

Your big why - daring to dream
Your personal brand statement/refining your offer: nailing this so that it’s resonant, clear, and directed
Competencies and strengths– what you love doing, what you're good at doing, and how the two worlds collide - and fit with your leadership brand
Authentically you - how you want to be experienced by others
Your script - talking about who you are and what you do. Learning from practice runs, refinements, and practicing delivery

  • FOCUS TWO: My profile

Your CV and how it reflects your brand/offer (live edits)
Your social profiles and how they reflect the real you (live edits)

  • FOCUS THREE: Bold action!

It's not often that you'll get a whole day to focus on you, so we won't waste the opportunity to take real steps forward. We'll draw up an action plan of the individuals and organisations you want to make contact with. Emails, phone calls and live approaches will take place before you leave. Reach out to new contacts, reconnect with your existing network, start the ball rolling - because we know that once you leave, business and family priorities will draw you back in.

What's included:

  • Secure passworded access to our client portal, and your personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you'll find there to help you prepare
  • Strengthscope assessment - online access to the questionnaire plus PDF report
  • BONUS: a beautifully bound hard copy of our book Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges
  • You'll also be added to our email list to receive free inspiration and strategies
  • Lunch, and refreshments throughout the day
  • A visual report of your output on the day, delivered to you digitally within 5 working days of the session
  • The cost of the venue we use

The budget

Your investment in the My Leadership Brand workshop, is £1,950 inc VAT, for which you'll receive a full day of one-to-one coaching, your Strengthscope assessment, plus 2 x 60-minute follow-up coaching calls. You'll also receive a complimentary copy of the Hello Potential Coaching Notebook, to keep all of your learning in one place. 

Have questions?

Drop our Lead Coach & MD Rachel Hall an email here, and get the answers you've been looking for.

Ready to discover your leadership brand?

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