one-day coaching intensive, with
rachel Hall

One full, intensive day spent face to face with your coach, Rachel Hall, to move you from ‘fuzzy’ and ‘hesitant’ to ‘clear, energized, and in action’. Think of this as accelerated-business-results coaching wrapped in an expertly structured one-day package specifically for fired-up entrepreneurs. 

hello, fired-up entrepreneur

You’re already successful, and your customers love what you offer. You’ve been doing this for years, after all, and have built your business from a foundation of innate talent, grit, hard work, and an unstoppably positive mindset.

You love what you do, and you have a reputation to match. You’re formidable!

You’ve had some superb wins over the years, and you’re proud of what you’ve already accomplished. Nothing is broken, nothing needs fixing, you’re in good shape.

But you want more. You crave a bigger stage, greater impact, a longer reach. You’re feeling tethered and you want your business to fly. You’re unsure precisely where to start, and you don’t have the time to figure this all out for yourself. You want a clear plan, tailored to you. You want to feel excited; you want to get into action.

Entrepreneurship is in your DNA!

You fit the entrepreneurial mould perfectly; multi-passionate; 10+ great ideas a day; buzzy, engaging, ambitious, sparky. This is your norm.

It’s also the norm for successful entrepreneurs like you to need more focus, more clarity, and a steer on where to point your business next. You don’t need ideas: you need distillation. You know that direction will follow.

You’re here because you’re ready to get your action plan together, and you’re done trying to figure this out on your own. You want some support. You’re ready for challenge.

You’re ready to fly

You’re choosing to take your business to the next level, and so you acknowledge it’s time to get strategic, and have a plan. You got here on talent and hard work, but it’s been a winding road, and for the next phase you’ll take the direct route, thank you very much!

Now’s the right time to unearth what your business will look like beyond the next 12 months, but we get that a dusty old 50-page strategic plan is not for you, as much as your bank manager might love it.

The great news is that there is a simple set of key principles that über successful entrepreneurs know about – and you can know them too.

How to create a living, breathing, resonant business strategy from the heart – one that you’ll love to follow, and that will take you all the way to the success you crave. How and why to niche, and unlock your business growth; how and why to create passive income that extends your reach.

Imagine discovering these principles in a single day, and heading home for the evening buzzing with the knowledge that you have the plan in place to help your business fly high.

Imagine working alongside a strategic thinking ally who sees you, draws out your passion and spark for business, inspires you, and guides you in making a simple, resonant strategic blueprint that you’re passionate about following.

Imagine knowing that the plan you create in one intensive, high-energy day of focus and exploration will take all limits off your business success.

welcome to the fired-up entrepreneur’s one-day coaching intensive, with rachel Hall

Your strategic thinking ally

I’m Rachel Hall and I want your business to soar, so that you can leave a more extraordinary thumbprint on the world through the work that you do. I’ve been running a business in one form or another since 2000, and I’ve helped entrepreneurs from around the world to create resonant strategic plans that they’re passionate about sticking to. Because their plan leads directly to the success they want.

I’m passionate about exploring potential – in you, and your business; and I’m all about challenging my clients to be bolder, more audacious, and more courageous. As a Certified Professional Coactive Coach I know the limits we tend to live within, to stay safe and feel comfortable; and I also know the outstanding results that passionate entrepreneurs can achieve when the brakes come off.

I’ve done my own courageous work on taking my business to the next level, and that’s why I’m passionate about supporting you to do the same. We walk the same path.

This One-Day Intensive is for you if…

  • You’re already successful
  • You’re ready for challenge, and would feel short changed without it
  • You’re prepared to set aside a whole day, without interruption, to focus on your business success. This is a full-immersion experience!
  • You’re willing to be present, work hard, and take some risks for a day; you’re ok with drawing on some courage and take a leap or two.
  • You’re up for exploring new concepts, and new behavioursYou love to learn, and are happy to be taught some new approaches as part of the mix
  • You’re ready to be accountableYou’re serious about making some new success happen
  • You’re ready to invest in creating the business success you’ve been craving
  • You’re ready to create a strategy that’s the perfect fit for your specific business, that feels meaningful, and that you’re excited to follow in order to create the success you want

What to expect

This One-Day Coaching Intensive takes place face to face, at a mutually convenient venue in the UK, and on a date that works for you and your coach inside the next six weeks.

Once the date is set, you’ll gain access to a secure portal that’s been pre-loaded with worksheets and MP3 audio recordings to help you prepare. You’ll be able to start the conversation with your coach there, online, and pre-agree the specific outcomes you want from the day you spend together.

On the day, you get to work through six areas of focus with your coach over the course of a 6-hour session. The output from each focus area will be captured and sent to you within 5 working days, as part of a visual report of your day.

What's included:

  • Secure passworded access to our client portal, and your personal use of all the worksheets and action plans that you'll find there to help you prepare
  • Our own prep time
  • A visual report of your output on the day, delivered to you digitally within 5 working days of the session
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • The cost of the venue we use
  • Our travel expenses
  • BONUS: a beautifully bound hard copy of our book Stand Tall: a little book of big challenges

What's not included:

  • Your own travel expenses
  • VAT, which is added and charged at the checkout at the standard UK rate

The six areas of focus

  • Focus 1: Reflection and taking stock – where the business is at now, celebrations, acknowledgements
  • Focus 2: Values – exploring and then specifying foundational and inspirational values + gap analysis
  • Focus 3: Vision and direction – where I want to get to, how that will feel, and why it’s important
  • Focus 4: Your niche – getting under the skin of your ideal customer, defining how best to serve them, and fine tuning the business results you want
  • Focus 5: Passive income – exploring what’s possible, what the impact will be, and how you can get started
  • Focus 6: Pulling it all together – creating a resonant strategy from the heart, exploring blocks and barriers, committing to purposeful action
  • Before you go: Summary of key learning and next steps

Have questions?

Drop Rachel an email here, and get the answers to your questions straight from your coach.

Terms and conditions

Disclaimer: When discussing financial matters on this website, on our client portal, in blogs and all other content, we have taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our coaching and its ability to help you grow your business. By purchasing our coaching support, you accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your actions and therefore your results, and that results will vary from person to person. We offer no guarantee, either verbal, or in writing, regarding your earnings or other outcomes. Your business results depend on your own skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, network, and finances. We offer no legal, medical, psychological or financial advice and any statements made on this website, the client portal, in blogs, and other content are our opinion, or are the opinion shared by a previous client or other person, and so are not guarantees or promises of your actual performance.

Cancellation Policy: If your circumstances change, email us within seven working days of purchase to receive a refund.


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